Here's Why Everybody In Kansas City Dresses Like Tourists

This town's most celebrated t-shirt designer will soon be setting up shop in our 2nd favorite entertainment district . . .

“The Big 12 Basketball Tournament is a fantastic time to launch a new retail store, as we will have 300,000 visitors downtown,” he continued. “In addition to all the world-class events hosted downtown, the neighborhood has very high residential density too. Charlie Hustle will be a great place to shop for both residents and visitors alike.”

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Charlie Hustle popup coming to Power & Light in time for Big 12 (and 300,000 visitors)

The game day merch shop and experiential retail concept is expected to open March 7. Despite its initial focus on the Big 12 tournament and fandom, Charlie Hustle's popup is set to continue its run at Power & Light through the spring and summer seasons.