Dr. Reddy Disputes Kansas Rep. Sharice Davids On Support For Israel

Dr. Prasanth Reddy is a long shot to win over the incumbent but that hasn't stopped him from taking Rep. Sharice Davids to task on her record.

In a recent editorial, Dr. Reddy shares a scathing point-by-point analysis of Rep. Davids and her waffling amid Israel's war against Hamas terrorists in Gaza. 

Here's the crux of his debate:

"Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. I’m running against Sharice Davids, a Democrat politician who pretends she’s middle of the road but, on every issue that matters, sides with her party’s most extreme elements.

"Standing with Israel is no different. Over the past three months, Rep. Davids has had every chance to do the right thing. She’s failed every single time, and here are a few examples.

"First, the U.S. House’s vote to stand with Israel, condemn Hamas’ October 7th attacks, and reject anti-Semitism — not at all dissimilar from the recent vote here in Kansas.

"A bipartisan majority said “yes” to standing with Israel. But not Rep. Davids. She simply voted 'present.' To me, that’s as emblematic of a self-interested politician as it gets. She may as well have voted no.

"Second, the U.S. House’s vote to censure Rep. Rashida Tlaib.

"Let’s call it like it is: Rep. Tlaib doesn’t think Israel should exist, and she’s used one anti-Semitic trope after another to make her point. The House was right to call a vote to censure her, and Republicans and Democrats alike voted to do so. But not Rep. Davids; she voted against the resolution.

"Finally, Rep. Davids welcomed a bunch of pro-Palestinian protesters to her taxpayer-funded office. Local 3rd District media showed up to cover what they had to say — only to be kicked out by Rep. Davids and her team. That’s just plain wrong. This was at her taxpayer-funded office, not a private campaign headquarters.

"Let’s remember, words, actions, and inactions have consequences. Because supposedly middle of the road politicians like Rep. Davids are refusing to unequivocally support Israel, extremists surely feel even more emboldened."

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