Coach Reid Downplays Kelce Screaming

An explanation that probably wasn't needed even if the yelling was one of the more exciting moments of the game.

A TKC life reminder . . . 

There's nothing like historic victory to solve conflict. 


“He caught me off balance, I wasn’t watching. Cheap shot, but that’s all right,” chuckled Reid. “He did good. He was really coming over to go, ‘Just put me in. I’ll score. I’ll score.’ So that’s really what it was. But I love that. It’s not the first time — so listen, I appreciate him.”

Reid explained that as a father, he understands that sometimes, players can get emotional. But again, he had no problem with Kelce’s fire.

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Andy Reid downplays heated moment with Travis Kelce

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid claims that tight end Travis Kelce just caught him off balance during Super Bowl LVIII.