Celebratory Super Bowl Fireworks Destroy Home Near Kansas City

It turns out locals can't have any fun . . . 

Fireworks are, in fact, the preferred option rather than gunfire if we approach the problem from a "harm reduction" perspective.

However . . .

A family in Greenwood suffered an EPIC disaster on the night of Kansas City's greatest victory and they probably only have themselves to blame.


"The fire originated in a bush on the side of the house. It spread to the attic through the eave, or edge of the roof overhang, causing extensive damage to a portion of the attic, with damage to the living area from water and crews having to remove the ceilings to get to the fire.

"Fire investigators said celebratory Super Bowl fireworks are likely to have ignited the blaze."

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Celebratory fireworks suspected in Lee's Summit house fire

Just before 10 p.m. Sunday Lee's Summit Firefighters responded to a house fire believed to be ignited by fireworks.