Brittany Mahomes Boosts Charles Barkley As He Blasts 'Losers' Who Criticize Taylor Swift

Sure . . .

Kansas City taxpayers must wait WEEKS before garnering deets about what they'll pay for the next 40 years for stadiums.

In the meantime, MILLIONS of people celebrated this bit of celebrity defense . . . So we might as well take part and enjoy it while we can . . . Check-it:

“Let. Them. Know,” Mahomes, 28, wrote via her Instagram Story on Friday, February 2, reposting Charles Barkley’s take on “loser” football fans who continue to complain about Swift’s attendance at Kansas City Chiefs games.

“If you’re screaming at Taylor Swift saying she ruined [football], you’re just a loser,” Barkley, 60, said during the Thursday, February 1, episode of King Charles. “You’re just a loser or a jackass. You’re either A or B. You’re one of the two.”

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