Beto Lopez Fam Desperately Seeking Conservative Support For Political Dynasty

Quick reminder . . . Beto Lopez is a council dude for Lee's Summit AND the CEO for our quickly fading Guadalupe Center on KCMO's gentrified Westside. 

NOW, it looks likes he's working to build a newsworthy political machine with right-wing support . . . Of course, here at TKC we encourage everyone trying to move ahead but it's also important to note that the effort at advancement might cause more friction amongst more progressive colleagues and the typically left-leaning local donor class. 

Here's the word . . .

"It seems that Beto is making the rounds in Lee's Summit with conservative donors . . . It's also interested the new job his wife is working gig."

"She's using Venmo . . . Interesting that she's NOT using Act Blue like most of the progressives."

Developing . . .