Another Victim Dies From Kansas City Gunfight Following Super Bowl

Check important follow-up after a deadly spate of gunfire on the evening of Kansas City back-to-back Super Bowl victory. 

The KCMO 2024 homicide count now stands at 9 compared to 17 at this date last year. 

Again, these numbers are important to watch because:

Three homicides in less than 24 hours reminds us how quickly KCMO killing can spike. 

And . . . 

After another historic year for homicide in Kansas City, Missouri . . . It's important to keep track if any of the changes by elected officials & police are taking hold on local streets. 

Accordingly . . .

Here's the aftermath from the fatal shooting scene near 39th and Woodland.

"The second victim that had been transported to the hospital has now died from his injuries. His identity is not yet confirmed, but detectives continue to work on positive identification of him.

"The first victim declared deceased on scene was positively identified . . .

"Based on preliminary investigation, detectives believe the two deceased victims were involved in firing the shots."

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2 people killed in shooting Monday at 39th Street, Woodland Avenue

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A second victim has died after a shooting near 39th Street and Woodland Avenue in Kansas City early Monday morning.

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