Another Crowdfunding Effort Emerges For 2nd Kansas City Mass Shooting Suspect

File this one under "the wisdom of crowds" given that they haven't yet raised 100 bucks.

Remember that the first crowdfunding effort was shut down after widespread criticism.

Additionally . . .

The deets of this case deserve a look as self-defense arguments emerge along with more context for the tragic shooting.

Here are the basics and BETTER REPORTING ACROSS THE POND than most local news outlets have bothered to offer:

"Relatives of a second gunman charged with murder over the Kansas City Super Bowl parade set up two fundraisers for ‘hospital bills’, as he is pictured for the first time."

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Family of second accused Chiefs parade shooter sets up GoFundMe

The two GoFundMe pages raised a total of only $85 to help Miller, one of four people so far charged in connection to the Valentine's Day shooting