Activist Clay Chastain Shares Update On His Case Against Kansas City

Here's a not-so-quick check-in with this Kansas City transit activist embroiled in ongoing legal action with 12th & Oak . . .

Clay Chastain press release: Lucas & Platt not only filed a separate Motion to remove the honorable & esteemed Judge Kevin D. Harrell from my case against them (for malicious arrest, prosecution & election interference), these two American heroes also trotted out the Sovereign Immunity Card in their Motion to Dismiss & desperate attempt to escape liability & political ruin.

Lucas & Platt filed a Motion for "Change of Judge" without even offering an explanation or justification for seeking to kick Judge Harrell off the case. Is it because Judge Harrell denied the City's Motion to Dismiss my Petition suit in 2018?

Recall my (on-going)1983 Federal case against the City (now before the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis) in which 5-Federal Judges (amazingly) recused themselves (again, without explanation) before the case was eventually handed to the Chief Justice (appointed by Obama). Naturally, she ruled in favor of the City.

All I did was go to City Hall (on City Council Hearing Day) with the aim of trying to ask Mayor Lucas why he refused to debate me. But, "You don't pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger" & you don't mess around with them.

In their Motion to Dismiss, Lucas & Platt claim sovereign immunity protects them because security was merely carrying out a governmental function in trying to protect City Hall employees from big, bad Clay Chastain. They claimed I violated a (dubious) City Ordinance by campaigning within City Hall, and was arrested when I refused to leave. Not only was I not campaigning within City Hall, nor did anyone testify to seeing me campaign within City Hall, nor did I say I was going to campaign within City Hall, a City Judge also later ruled I had not campaigned within City Hall & acquitted me of the City's false charge. But like in Federal court, our dueling heroes are vying to get Judge Harrell kicked off the case & replaced with a judge the City can count on.

Lucas & Platt don't want an honorable-oriented judge ruling according to the law, they want a politically-oriented judge ruling according to them.

This base plot by Lucas & Platt (to escape liability by politically manipulating America's legal system) only undermines our Noble Nation... Born of Laws - not Politics.   

Kansas City Activist, Clay Chastain.


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