4-Day School Week FAILS Families?!?

A perspective that's often overlooked . . . Costs to families & districts for this new trend in local education . . . Here's the word:

Ward Cassidy is a retired teacher and principal and is now the Executive Director of the Kansas School Board Resource Center.  Like the Sentinel, KSBRC is a subsidiary of Kansas Policy Institute.  He says he believes student achievement is better served in a full 5-day week.

“I have worked with several schools that have gone to a four-day week.  Their reasons vary for making a change.  Some thought it would be an attractive way to retain teachers and possibly even recruit some teachers.  There were cases where that worked.  I know of no district where the decision to change was made to improve academic achievement.

“The staff and students usually like the four-day week.  Parents have mixed emotions. The parents who work have to find childcare for the days their students are not in school.

“The administrators indicate there is no great cost savings.”

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KSDE: evidence shows students are negatively impacted by a 4-day school week - The Sentinel

The Kansas Department of Education says evidence shows students get less class time and perform worse with a 4-day school week.