Witness Kansas City Drive-Thru Only Future

It's not exactly dystopian given that NOBODY will miss the ambiance of eating in a fast food dump. 

However . . . 

Most of these fast food places are akin to bread lines but with far less nutritional value. 

On the bright side . . . This venue will probably be safer for neighbors and offer nearby stoners at least some form of affordable sustenance . . .  Also . . . Capitalism is a lie . . . Then again, TKC will likely never marry but if we ever tie the knot . . . It will be at Taco Bell:

The franchisee owner said the location does not have a lobby or any seating inside. Instead the location is designed to prioritize fast drive-thru service and mobile orders.

The restaurant at 30th and Van Brunt Boulevard will celebrate its grand opening on Tuesday, Jan. 16.

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Kansas City Taco Bell first in Missouri offering only drive-thru service

Kansas City Taco Bell at 30th and Van Brunt will open as the first in Missouri offering only drive-thru and mobile service in hopes of speeding up service including through DoorDash and Uber Eats.