Will Kansas City Royals Ever Disclose Downtown Stadium Location?!?

The team now DESPERATELY needs to look like the good guy ahead of a sales tax extension vote. 

So keeping this bit of info secret doesn't play well for voters . . . Accordingly, here's the latest tease after so many broken promises:

"The Royals say they have narrowed down their Jackson County locations to two, one in the East Village and the other at the old Kansas City Star printing press facility downtown.

"Like their current neighbors, the Royals said more information will be released Monday."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

Chiefs, Royals say more information about stadium projects will be released "soon"

Now that Jackson County residents will vote on whether or not to extend the stadium sales tax, what will they exactly vote on?

In the aftermath of the vote, here are a few more relevant news links . . .

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