TKC Caption Contest: Wichita Collabs With Mayor Q

First, a bit of background so infrequent readers can follow along . . . The Kansas side of the photo:

"Mayor Lily Wu was elected Mayor of Wichita on November 7, 2023, and was sworn in as the City of Wichita's 103rd mayor on January 8, 2024. Mayor Lily is the first woman elected to a full term and the first Asian-American mayor of the largest city in Kansas."

Meanwhile . . . 

It's nice to see Mayor Q play nice with another elected official who he PROBABLY isn't going to blame for the KCMO homicide count. 

Thanks to the BEST & BRIGHTEST readers . . . 

Here's the screencap do your BEST with the caption and remember that we value pithy perspectives over cruelty . . . But we'll gladly entertain all manner of fart jokes: