Stolen Jackie Robinson Statue Set Ablaze In Kansas & NOT Salvageable

Aftermath of a Kansas crime that resonated across the nation . . .

The Wichita fire department received a call around 8:40 a.m. about a trash can on fire at Garvey Park in the southern part of the city and discovered what appeared to be pieces of the statue, according to police spokesperson Andrew Ford. At a news conference Tuesday, he described it as “not salvageable."

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Jackie Robinson statue found destroyed after being stolen from Wichita park

The statue had been stolen from a youth baseball league facility at McAdams Park in Wichita last week. While the statue is not salvageable, the league is working on replacing it with the same mold as the original.

Stolen Jackie Robinson statue found 'dismantled and burned,' police say

A stolen statue of baseball Hall of Famer and civil rights icon Jackie Robinson was found "dismantled and burned," police said on Tuesday.