Sporting KC Suffers Rebuke After Controversial Hire Of Gavin Wilkinson

Typically, Sporting KC Soccer fans are blindingly loyal to their team and rarely criticism the front office.

This year, that has changed quickly.

Here's context from the Daily Mail: 

"Gavin Wilkinson - the former general manager of the Portland Thorns who encouraged NWSL clubs to hire abusive coach Paul Riley, hid Riley's patterns of abuse, and was later fired for alleged misconduct with the Thorns and the Portland Timbers - has been hired as the sporting director of Sporting Kansas City."

The local soccer fan rhetoric has grown even more impassioned . . . . Here's a quote . . .

"Peter Vermes and Mike Illig were not victims of abuse that Wilkinson ignored. They were not harmed by former Thorns coach Paul Riley because Wilkinson reportedly recommended him for another NWSL job with the Western New York Flash after being fired by the Portland. They were not abused by Andy Polo. Is it really the place of these powerful men to determine the sincerity of reflection and apology from Wilkinson? Or should that be left to women and victims of domestic and sexual abuse?"

And now . . . 

The "Ladies of SKC" are speaking out and condemn the controversial hire.

Read more from a scathing editorial via link . . .

OPINION: Sporting Kansas City betrays fans with hiring of Gavin Wilkinson - KC Soccer Journal

Sporting Kansas City chose winning over what's right. By hiring Gavin Wilkinson, they potentially irreparably betrayed the trust of their fans.

Developing . . .