Show-Me Switcheroo Politics: Missouri Starts 2024 Anti-Trans Legislation Bonanza

The hope in this quickie post is to slather all of this relevant info with so much sarcasm that readers don't really know how TKC REALLY feels about pop-up political surprises that terrify more timid scribes. 

Hint: We can only hope that readers of this blog are comfortable with bawdy jokes about tucked away junk AND junk science. 

In the meantime, we'll share a far more serious "news" item describing an obvious attempt to rally the conservative base . . . Which also kinda sounds like practical sex advice for Midwestern housewives who aren't yet ready to give up the weekend run through despite the obvious decline of the American middle class. 


The state government, controlled by Republicans, has fallen into an intense moral panic about transgender people. This year, legislators in Missouri have proposed 49 bills targeting transgender people in the first three weeks of January. Though this is higher than any other state this year, there are already 250 bills targeting trans and LGBTQ+ people across the United States – double the pace of 2023, which itself was record-breaking. There appears to be no end in sight; what started with a handful of bills targeting elite sports in 2020 has become a firehose of legislation that touches every aspect of trans people’s lives.

In Missouri, the Democratic state representative David Tyson Smith pointed out the deluge of legislation in the hearing, stating: “This is dominating the airspace. There is only so much bandwidth in this building, as you know, there’s only so much we can do and only so much time we have.”

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Missouri is ground zero for the firehose of anti-trans legislation | Erin Reed

Legislators proposed 49 bills targeting transgender people in the first three weeks of January, more than any other state