Show-Me Republican Petition Crackdown Amid Abortion Fight

An election year fight over life might imperil direct democracy for grass-roots activists across partisan lines. 

Here's the basics in a struggle where polling has Republican desperate to avoid an embarrassing loss like their colleagues in Kansas . . . Check-it:

The Senate Committee on Local Government and Elections is scheduled to hear twelve resolutions Monday afternoon, each of which is aimed at making it more difficult for Missouri citizens to make changes to the state’s fundamental governing document.

Republican lawmakers thrust the issue to the top of their priority list when a campaign was launched, despite a litany of court challenges, to collect the requisite signatures for an abortion rights questions to be placed on November’s ballot.

“At this point where there’s so much at stake, gloves are off, and we’re willing to do whatever it takes to protect life, and to ensure that our constitution is protected,” said state Sen. Rick Brattin, R-Harrisonville, who is sponsoring one of the resolutions and has been openly critical of the initiative petition as an avenue for direct democracy.

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Missouri Republicans push legislation to curb citizens' petition power

The crusade by Missouri Republicans to fortify the state's constitution against citizen-led ballot measures is poised to take a big step.