Show-Me Public Education Salary Crackdown

Here's a typical Missouri solution . . . Rather than focus on boosting teacher pay . . . Revenge against school officials on the higher end of the food chain earns priority . . . Check the punitive approach to public policy that keeps local students stupid(er) whilst much more generous corporate giveaways persist . . .

If passed, his legislation would cap the salaries of superintendents to an amount no greater than 5.5 times the salary of a first-year teacher.

“The idea is basically here to tie the teacher pay and the superintendent pay,” said Keathley, a Republican from Chesterfield. “Some school districts, we have seen superintendent pay has risen a lot more sharply and a lot quicker than the teacher pay and the teacher pay has lagged behind. I think when one person gets a raise in the school district, it makes sense that that would begin and end with, or not end, but it would begin with the discussion around teachers, who are actually dealing directly with our students.”

The Missouri Association of School Administrators (MASA) opposes the bill. Doug Hayter, MASA’s executive director, said decisions about pay are best left to local communities to decide.

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Missouri lawmaker wants to limit school superintendent salaries - Missourinet

Missouri school superintendents could have their salaries limited. A state House committee is considering Rep. Ben Keathley's bill. "The idea is simply that teacher pay needs to be raising at least the same rate that that other administrative salaries and functions are," he told the Missouri House's Special Committee on Education Reform.