Show-Me Execution Expedited

Death row cases are always controversial and this month we notice progressive activists working to bring more attention to this Missouri case . . . Here's one perspective on the sitch for now:

"The question now is whether Missouri law allows the governor to simply disappear an ongoing investigation. Because the law has so rarely been used, its contours have never been fully litigated, prompting the Midwest Innocence Project, which represents Williams, to file a civil lawsuit seeking to invalidate Parson’s order. The state’s attorney general balked, arguing that Williams was trying to usurp the governor’s independent clemency powers. The AG has asked the Missouri Supreme Court to toss the lawsuit — and clear the way for Williams’s execution."

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Crime Scene DNA Didn't Match Marcellus Williams. Missouri May Fast-Track His Execution Anyway.

Gov. Mike Parson dissolved a panel that was reinvestigating the case of Marcellus Williams before it could report its findings.