Robbery Suspect Deadly Highway Crash Stalls Early Morning Kansas City Traffic

Another morning reminder that worsening lawlessness impacts EVERYONE one way or another. 

Drive carefully this morning . . . Check this aftermath report . . .

Kansas City, Missouri, police say they were following a possible multiple-business robbery suspect in a Dodge Challenger on 210 Highway about 4:30 a.m.

Officers say the driver entered I-435 NB going the wrong direction.

A few minutes later, the driver was involved in a crash.

Two people died in the collision. It is not known at this time whether the suspect is one of the deceased individuals.

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Robbery suspect shuts down Interstate 435 after fatal crash Tuesday morning

A wrong-way driver shut down Interstate 435 NB near 210 highway following a fatal crash early Tuesday morning.

I-435 shutdown after fatal accident

Kansas City Police said they were investigating an armed robbery nearby leading up to the accident.

2 killed in wrong-way crash involving robbery suspect; NB I-435 closed

Two people are dead after a robbery suspect drove the wrong way on Northbound Interstate 435 near 210 highway on Jan. 2.