Prairie Village Pickleball Crackdown Feared

The hipster pastime is nosier than we imagined . . . This report was recently scrubbed from a local website but we picked up a worthwhile quote and more info about all the racket . . . Check-it:

The game’s small paddles and wiffle balls are part of what make the game so enticing for players, but it’s also what makes it so loud. According to the online pickleball magazine Pickler, the sound of the ball hitting the paddle can reach 70 decibels. This is almost twice as loud as the sound of a tennis ball hitting a racket, which can reach 40 decibels.

Reachel Beichley, a pickleball player who lives in Prairie Village, empathizes with neighbors’ noise complaints. “I can understand that someone would not be particularly happy with the pickleball noises in the early morning or late evening because it is louder than tennis,” Beichley says. However, she hopes the complaints won’t cause Prairie Village to decide to remove its courts. “I hope [Prairie Village] will try to find other ways to mitigate the noise issues before they just do away with it.”

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