Politico Mistakenly Contends Kansas City Chiefs Can Stop Celebratory Gunfire

Check this not-so-clever blame shift that doesn't seem to remember this town also loved to fire guns during the dry spell for local teams that lasted decades . . . Here's the word:

Democratic state Rep. Mark Sharp of Kansas City has tried for years to make the change with Blair’s Law, named for a Kansas City girl who lost her life from a bullet fired randomly skyward.

So he went to the team to tell its fans to leave weapons out of their celebrations.

“The Chiefs — whether they like it or not — they need to have a voice in this,” Sharp told The Beacon. “Two words: ‘Celebrate safely.’ That would go a long way to those same folks shooting their guns off after a Chiefs victory.”

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When the Chiefs win, Kansas Citians shoot their guns into the sky. A lawmaker wants the team to speak out

As Missouri lawmakers work to pass a bill increasing the penalty for celebratory gunfire, Kansas City could be headed for weekends of shots fired into the sky.