Override: Jackson County Stadium Sales Tax Vote Coming Soon

Today's victory for local Democracy . . . A small smattering of voters will decide MILLIONS WORTH OF TAXES for generations. 

The upside: No tax increase and even more years of complaining about the bottom ranking Royals if/when this thing passes.  

And, of course, there's always the chance that voters might actually participate in local Democracy and push back against billionaires and their demands. Remember: Organizing opposition is a lot tougher than complaining online.

Our big question . . .


The basics . . .

"The Jackson County Legislature brushed aside White's veto of an ordinance to place the sales-tax question on April 2 ballot. by a 7-2 vote. Jeanie Lauer and Megan Marshall were the lone no votes."

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Jackson County Legislature overrides White's veto, stadium sales-tax extension approved for April ballot

Jackson County voters will decide in April whether to extend a 3/8-cent sales tax that helps fund the homes of the Kansas City Chiefs and Royals after the legislature overrode Frank White's veto.

Stadium sales tax to appear on April ballot, legislators to override Frank White's veto

Jackson County legislators Sean Smith and Jalen Anderson told KCTV5 on Monday morning that they have changed their stance.

Jackson County Legislature approves putting stadium sales tax measure before voters in April

The voters will decide.

Jackson County Legislature Defies Frank White to put Chiefs and Royals Stadium Funding on Ballot

Jackson County voters in April will vote on whether to renew a crucial stadium sales tax for the Kansas City Royals and Chiefs.