New KCI Water Pipe Bursting Much Bigger Than 'Leak' Reported By Newspaper

From our dead-tree colleagues . . .

"After the fire suppression system sprinkler in the ceiling of the lower arrivals area froze, water leaked onto the floor near three baggage carousels on the southern end of the building, and that area was closed." 

However . . . We featured this comment in a recent post on the topic and we believe it provides more wisdom on the topic: 

"To call this a leak is hilarious gaslighting. Activation of the fire sprinkers isn't a leak. Look up flow rates for fire sprinklers, this was likely thousands of gallons of water. Furthermore, the system has to remain shut down until all the activated sprinkler heads are replaced, leaving at least that area of the terminal without fire suppression. This likely is going to have causes tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages."

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Repairs continue at KCI after frozen sprinkler head caused water leak in baggage claim

The south escalators and elevators to and from the "upper departures" are still closed, an airport spokesperson said. But the ones on the north side are in service.