New KCI Disputes FAILING GRADE For Winter 2024 Traffic

Officials give themselves a B-grade for their performance . . . Admittedly, that's lower than "world-class" promises given to Kansas City voters.

Still . . . The bitter, cold & discontent denizens of the cell phone parking lot might night agree.

Here's the set-up:

"Cold weather, ice and snow presented all kinds of problems, from frozen pipes and high utility bills to sliding vehicles and blocked highways."

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Now Boarding Episode 10: KCMO aviation director grades KCI's first winter weather test

Kansas City dropped into a deep freeze for almost two weeks in mid-January. That cold weather, ice and snow represented the first real test of the new terminal at KCI.

11.5 million passengers fly through Kansas City International Airport in 2023

A new terminal at Kansas City International Airport may have a lot to do with the nearly 18% increase in passengers the airport saw in 2023.

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