More Kansas City Fog Rolls In Overnight

We share this old school Kansas City photo of Grand Ave. if only that Kansas City has ALWAYS BEEN A DRAB, GREY & MOSTLY MISERABLE COWTOWN

Our consistency is rather comforting.

Still . . . There's another driver alert for this evening . . . With the promise of sunshine a bit later for all of those white ladies & hipsters clogging your feed with their whining about it . . . First, the traffic note:

A dense fog advisory is in effect from the National Weather Service from 7 p.m. Saturday through at least 10 a.m. Sunday.

Visibility could be limited to a quarter mile. Driving could be hazardous due to low visibility, and temperatures below freezing later in the evening could yield a freezing fog and slick spots on roads, according to the weather service.

Fog is forecast throughout most of northwest Missouri and northeast Kansas during the advisory.

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Dense fog coming to Kansas City area could mess with roads, visibility. What to know

Freezing fog is possible, creating slick roads across the KC metro.

50's are on the way

Starting Sunday morning with a bit of fog with a temp around 28 degrees.

Developing . . .