Mission Hills Colonial Rehab ALMOST Proves Capitalism Doesn't Work

Joking . . . Kinda . . . We have no problem with hard-working people sprucing up their not-so-humble abode . . . As long as we all realize that "hard work" and economic outcomes are not always related amid an information economy wherein some people can earn mid-six-figures by way of writing clever emails or selling worthless junk online whilst others have to bust their hump every day serving the increasingly rude unwashed masses. 

Reality Check: Smarter progressives warn that the rise of MAGA is likely fueled, in part, by a class-struggle within the Republican Party that conservatives dare not acknowledge for fear that MONEY is a much stronger motivator than faith and/or demographics . . . And that doesn't bode well for donors on either side of the aisle.

In the meantime, we share this peek at upscale interior decorating trends . . . Check-it:

"The formal dining room, with its muted palette, transitions effortlessly through seasons with modern striped paper and understated elegant characteristics such as the scallop-skirted dining chair cushions and translucent chandelier."

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A traditional Mission Hills colonial gets a refresh

A traditional Mission Hills colonial gets a refresh while maintaining its historic charm all the while creating family-friendly spaces.