Legal Weed Advocates Confounded By Continued Kansas Prohibition

The nation is moving closer to outright legalization.

In the very near future the feds will take marijuana off DEA "schedule I" listings.

Sadly, for now, old school arguments and prudish approaches to life & local liberty impede the mostly harmless weed that might help calm down quite a few very uptight people during this election year and the upcoming and/or ongoing world war . . .

The American Civil Liberties Union held an online day of action for marijuana legalization earlier this month. During the event, activists expressed disappointment that Kansas does not have legal medical marijuana, nearly three years after the state House passed a bill that would have provided for it.

“I’m here in open-mouth amazement that we are still discussing passing a medical marijuana bill,” said Cheryl Kumberg, president of the Kansas Cannabis Coalition. “It just is the same excuses all these years. The same rhetoric from opponents and legislators.”

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Legalizing medical marijuana is popular in Kansas, so why hasn't it happened yet?

Kansas is one of only a few states with no legal medical or recreational marijuana. Some people are optimistic about a medical cannabis deal this year.