Legal Opinion Seyz Missouri SecState Ashcroft Can't Remove Prez Biden From Ballot

We thought the sentiment was more of a flex and political tough talk . . . However, our progressive media friends didn't find the humor in the sentiment and responded with a scathing report/editorial offering a peek at legal precedent . . .

In a case challenging that decision, the Western District Court of Appeals found no authority in state law for the secretary of state to decide on the qualifications of candidates. The legislature gave that authority to the courts, the judges ruled, and as a result it “minimizes the partisan political mischief that can result from ministerial officers adjudicating candidate qualifications.”

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Can Ashcroft boot Biden from Missouri's ballot? A 2014 appeals court ruling says 'no' * Missouri Independent

Missouri law won't allow Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft to disqualify President Joe Biden from the ballot, according to participants in a case that set limits on the authority of the office.