KCPS Claims 'Sovereign Immunity' Legal Defense Against Deadly Stabbing Lawsuit

Here's today's lesson in legal tactics that's far more complex than anything instructed at this long suffering public education institution which, tragically, mostly serves as the daycare of last resort for Kansas City residents who can't afford a better option.


A lawsuit accuses Kansas City Public Schools of negligence in the stabbing-death of a middle school student, the district is now pushing to have the case dismissed.

"Sovereign Immunity" is the basis of their argument, spelled out in a recently filed motion to dismiss.

Sovereign Immunity is the idea that the government cannot be sued without its consent, which happens sometimes but a case has to meet certain criteria.

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KCPS seeks dismissal of middle school stabbing lawsuit

The civil lawsuit is in a place where the attorneys are arguing if the case meets that criteria and should be allowed to move forward..