Kansas Survey Seyz Flat Tax Stays Winning?!?

At the very least, brave souls who would open their hearts for pollsters seem excited about the idea of paying a bit less to Uncle Sam even if that means EPIC breaks for millionaires and EVEN WORSE public services . . . Check-it:

The poll of 600 Kansas voters conducted by Public Opinion Strategies found 67% of Republicans, 56% of Independents, and 45 % of Democrats favor the new system, which would exempt the first $12,300 of income for joint filers.

The entire package of cuts in income, sales, and property taxes amounts to nearly $1.6 billion over three years.

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Nearly 60% of Kansans favor single tax rate: poll - The Sentinel

The single tax rate system is preferred by a majority of Republicans and Independents, as well as 45% of Democrats.