Kansas Returns Shawnee Mission?!?

A bad idea earns more consideration in the upcoming week . . . We can only hope the interest fades in this horrible plan that likely wouldn't do much to preserve local history only confuse land ownership interests.

Here's the update . . .

"House Bill 2208 was introduced in the committee in January 2023 but stalled there for the remainder of the session.

"The bill will come up for committee discussion at a hearing at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 24, in the Kansas Capitol.

"At issue is who should control the land of the site. Currently, the state of Kansas owns the land. The legislation proposes conveying the land to one of three Shawnee Tribes based in Oklahoma.

"Fairway and the Shawnee tribe have gone back and forth in recent years over who best can preserve the site, which is the only National Historic Landmark in Johnson County and a Kansas State Historic Site."

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Kansas bill would convey Shawnee Indian Mission land in Fairway to Shawnee tribe

A Kansas House committee has scheduled a hearing next week that could decide the fate of a long-running dispute over who should control the historic Shawnee Indian Mission site in Fairway.