Kansas Needs Millions To Protect Against Next Russian Haxxor Attack

A peek at today's cash request and 90s era "cybersecurity" requests for funding in a world where talking about information technology infrastructure would be more apt . . .

State Supreme Court Chief Justice Marla Luckert included the figure in a written statement ahead of her testimony before a joint meeting of the Kansas House and Senate Judiciary committees. The Republican-controlled Legislature must approve the funding, and Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly also must sign off.

Separately, (Governor) Kelly is seeking $1.5 million to staff an around-the-clock, 12-person cybersecurity operations center, hire an official to oversee the state's strategy for protecting data and hire someone to create a statewide data privacy program.

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Top official says Kansas courts need at least $2.6 million to recover from cyberattack

The Kansas court system needs at least $2.6 million in additional funds to recover from an October cyberattack that prevented the electronic filing of documents.