Kansas & Missouri Legislative Session Sneak Peek: Better Than John Brown Edition

Ancient American zeolot John Brown and his body a-mouldering in his grave is a low bar for bi-state relations but even in an election year we're probably doing better than that . . . Accordingly, this late night post chronicles a great many local topics from state houses that we'll fight about all winter long.

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Missouri legislators express hope for session during 2024 election year

(The Center Square) - Missouri legislators praised last year's accomplishments and expressed hope for the 2024 legislative session as it started on Wednesday. "I know we can work together and...

Kansas lawmakers want to cut taxes. Here's what they're thinking.

Kansas has more than $2 billion in its reserves. Republicans and Democrats have opposing ideas for tax cuts.

Missouri legislators hope to fully lift felony drug ban from food assistance program * Missouri Independent

Two lawmakers filed legislation to remove remaining restrictions on providing food benefits to those convicted of felony drug offenses.

Pair of Kansas GOP lawmakers file lawsuit in quest to call U.S. constitutional convention - Kansas Reflector

Two Kansas legislators want to lower the vote threshold needed for the Legislature to pass a resolution calling for a federal constitutional convention.

Missouri representative files bill to eliminate state sales tax on diapers, feminine hygiene products

House Bill 2187 would repeal the state sales tax on diapers, feminine products and other incontinence product purchases.

Bill introduced in Missouri House would eliminate food tax over four-year period beginning in 2025

If legislators approve, the bill would reduce the food tax over four years starting in January 2025.

Kansas Chamber puts shoulder behind 2024 income tax, health care, education reforms - Kansas Reflector

Kansas Chamber's agenda for 2024 legislative session touts single flat-rate individual income tax, supports school vouchers and rejects Medicaid expansion.

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