Kansas Coffee Shop Closes Amid Connection To Controversial Newspaper Raid

Concern about bad small town publicity and ensuing police action garnered international attention but, predictably, didn't do much to help a struggling rural Kansas biz . . . Check this note sent by the BEST & BRIGHTEST TKC READERS:

Months later, Newell’s coffee shop — Kari’s Kitchen — is expected to close its doors, at its current address, by the end of January. Newell attributed the location’s closure to complications brought on by her divorce.

“The closing of Kari’s Kitchen is not primarily related to the events that occurred in August with the newspaper,” Newell told the Kansas City Star. “I do not pit any responsibility on the newspaper for this outcome.”

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Kansas Woman at the Center of Marion County Record Newspaper Raid Forced to Shutter Coffee Shop, Blames Divorce

Kari Newell, whose complaints triggered the police raid at the Marion County Record, is closing her coffee shop's current location