Kansas City Wolf Man Evening: Dense Fog & Election 2024 Debates

On this spooky, foggy night we take a quick peek at pop culture, community news and top headlines and then quickly run back inside and hide under our blankets . . .

And maybe take another look at one of our favorite American classic movies. 

Check TKC news gathering . . .

Winter In Sight

Dense Fog Advisory extended; why is it so foggy in Kansas City?

A Dense Fog Advisory has been extended until noon Thursday as foggy skies continue to limit visibility for the Kansas City metro.

Fandom For Peanuts

Fans Shocked To Learn Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders Have Day Jobs

"This is cool, but also, the NFL is a billion-dollar industry and they don't pay the cheerleaders enough money."

Celebrate More Carbs

Shirtless Jason Kelce returns in t-shirt, cookie form at KC-area stores

Kind of ironic that the image of a shirtless man gets printed on a t-shirt but that's how fans roll in Chiefs Kingdom.

Celeb Fashion Peek

Khloe Kardashian channels her inner 'mob wife' in bikini

Khloé Kardashian channeled her inner 'mob wife' as she wowed in a tiny Gucci bikini and faux fur while posing in the snow this week.

Border Battle Cont'd

Abbott declares Texas has 'right to self-defense' from migrant 'invasion' amid feud with Biden admin

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is touting a right to "self-defense" from a migrant "invasion" at the southern border, as the state fights a multi-pronged battle with the Biden administration.

MAGA Confuses MSM

Trump's live appearances pose a riddle that news executives still haven't solved

News executives are certainly familiar with Donald Trump as he seeks his third straight Republican nomination for president.

Former Prez Trump Fans Share Hope

'Trump is our last shot at restoring America'

Voters in New Hampshire backing the former president say the economy is the key issue driving their support.

Holy Land Dispute Redux

Israel denies attack on UN refuge in Gaza that drew rebuke from Washington

The United Nations said on Wednesday that Israeli tanks struck a huge U.N. compound in Gaza sheltering displaced Palestinians, causing "mass casualties", but Israel denied its forces were responsible and suggested Hamas may have launched the shelling.

Vlad Argues War Casualties

Russians accuse Ukraine of shooting down plane carrying Ukrainian POWs

The Russian Defense Ministry says a transport plane carrying 65 Ukrainian POWs was shot down by Ukrainian air defense missiles, but has provided little evidence. NBC News' Molly Hunter reports Ukraine has not denied taking the plane down, but says it's possible it was a "planned and deliberate" act by Russia.

Tech Money Crashes Again

Bitcoin is down 20% in wake of a new breed of ETFs. Why prices could still set records this year.

Some analysts still see room for the digital asset to reach an all-time high by the end of this year.

Baller Well-Remembered

Cedric Tallis belongs in the Royals Hall of Fame

Time to right a wrong

We Really Give A Folk

Folk Alliance Conference 2024 opens up a limited number of public tickets

The Folk Alliance Conference is back with another 150+ concerts featuring subgenres from all ends of the folk music spectrum.

More Deets Winter Weather

More fog in the forecast for Kansas City

Conditions will continue to bring fog and drizzle to the metro through Thursday

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now.