Kansas City Triple Death Speculation Sparks Defense Amid Tabloid Coverage

A desperate plea amid public accusations and theories from across the globe . . . Check-it:

“He would never in a million years do anything,” Jordan Willis’ father said of his son as some relatives of the three men have wildly speculated over how they turned up dead.

Willis’ dad said his son is grieving just the same as his friends’ families, some of whom have publicly pointed fingers at Willis and theorized that drugs may be to blame for the deaths of David Harrington, Ricky Johnson and Clayton McGeeney.

Police have said foul play is not suspected and have stressed that it is not yet clear whether drugs were involved as detectives await autopsy and toxicology reports.

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Kansas City Chiefs fan found frozen to death 'saw something they shouldn't have,' parents claim

The parents of David Harrington, one of the three Kansas City Chiefs fans found frozen to death outside Jordan Willis' home believe their son's death may be more malicious than officials have let on.

3 Kansas City Chiefs fans were found dead at a friend's home. Here's what we know about what happened.

Families and friends are searching for answers surrounding the mysterious deaths of three men who were found dead at a friend's home, two days after watching a football game.

Jordan Willis' father defends him as mystery swirls around deaths of three Kansas City Chiefs fans: 'Didn't do anything wrong'

Jordan Willis' dad said his son "didn't do anything wrong" after his Kansas City friends David Harrington, Ricky Johnson and Clayton McGeeney were found dead in the backyard of his rental home.

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