Kansas City Trash Pickup Paused Amid Latest Subzero Blast

This year politicos have told us that 12th & Oak can "walk & chew gum" when it comes to managing development priorities. 


However . . . 

Over the years, Kansas City has demonstrated an ongoing inability to consistently manage trash pickup. 

Of course we don't want to put workers at risk but we can't help but notice that other cities across the region continue to manage services despite the difficult BUT EXPECTED weather challenges. 


“As subzero temperatures continue in Kansas City, employee safety remains a priority,” reads a statement from City Hall. “The effects of prolonged exposure to dangerously cold temperatures create avoidable health and safety risks. Kansas City is taking necessary steps to reduce risks to our employees during these extreme temperatures.”

Sadly, this report was sent out late in the afternoon and long after locals started dumping their junk on the curb. 

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Kansas City closes City Hall, delays trash service Tuesday

Kansas City announced trash services are being canceled Tuesday and City Hall will be closed due to continued subzero temperatures.

No trash pick up Tuesday, four bags allowed rest of week

All households will be allowed four bags this week and Monday.

Trash collection canceled Tuesday in Kansas City, Missouri, due to cold

Trash collection services have been canceled Tuesday in Kansas City, Missouri, due to extreme temperatures.