Kansas City Star Shares Ceasefire Demands

Ten years ago this kind of "editorial" garbage would have made a mostly ignored Facebook post.

Now . . . It's the leader of local newspaper offerings.

We're guessing this scathing editorial is justified because they quoted a GOP dude on the unlikely flat tax

Here's the money line that reveals a great deal about what opinions the newspaper is plucking out of the online abyss . . . Check-it:

"As a 27-year old Pakistani-American Muslim, I do not want to see Trump — a racist, warmongering, climate change-denying misogynist — return to power. In 2020, I implored my communities, my elders and my peers — even those who were skeptical of Biden’s war hawkishness — to defeat Trump at the ballot box. But in 2024, as a consequence of the president’s refusal to push Israel into a permanent cease-fire in Gaza, I cannot in good conscience push my loved ones to cast a Biden ballot in November."

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Biden risks a return of Trump if he doesn't push for an Israeli cease-fire in Gaza | Opinion

Polling shows young and Muslim voters want the president to demand a stop to the bombing, or risk losing their support on Election Day.