Kansas City Sales Tax Ballot Confusion?!?

We're not too worried at this report if only because . . . 

If the teams & supporters are serious about getting these stadiums built . . . In no time at all they're going to be slathering this town with "yes vote" messages that will make it obvious what option to select for OR against the proposal.

Still, here's the concern that should inspire critics hoping for a longshot victory:

"The measure extends the 3/8 cent sales tax for forty additional years, extends the lease agreement with both the Royals and Chiefs for 40 years, and discusses the work to be done – construction, maintenance, and improvement, among others.

"Park University Political Science Professor Dr. Matt Harris believes voters could find the measure confusing at first glance."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

Jackson County releases wordy stadium sales tax ballot measure ahead of April vote

The wording of the ballot measure that would bring the Royals to a downtown baseball park was released, and it'll take voters at least a minute to read in full on election day.