Kansas City Playlist: Stadium Tax Fighters Wait In Vain

Behind the scenes and via a few social media outlets . . . We notice a theme amongst local tax fighters DESPERATELY HOPING conservatives & Republicans will help in their efforts to push back against billionaires in search of EPIC subsidy.

Here's a hint and our perspective on this conversation . . .


The best news so far for opponents against the April ballot issue is that Missouri isn't allotting any funding just yet in the latest budget.

That's important but here's the big picture . . .

Local big biz seems to be signing on to this project and sadly that includes quite a few GOP donors. 

Republicans aren't likely to outspend local union & construction leaders in a local ballot issue during typically low turnout voting.

Finally, as we noted . . . Royals, Chiefs & labor have already polled this thing to death and SEEM confident in the outcome of the vote. 

One last thing . . . A Chiefs playoff win tomorrow might might seal the deal. 

Don't get it twisted . . . This hot mess tax isn't going to make one bit of difference the basement dwelling life of this blog one way or another. 

We'd love to see an upset in favor of tax fighters and legit concerns about the stadium tax blank check.

But we're not holding our breath. 

Moreover, if there's a legit campaign for this issue, Eastern Jack probably isn't going to side with embattled Exec Frank White over Patrick Mahomes & Salvy.

There's a parallel here with the immigration debate . . . Democrats & Republicans & MAGA engage in a great deal of election year theater but in the end . . . Anyone who understand the global market economy knows that nothing much is going to change and the U.S. needs as much low wage fodder to grind up as possible . . . Nobody REALLY cares where labor comes from or else places like red state Kansas would've stopped hiring Venezuelan roofers years ago and got serious about E-Verify which doesn't really matter anyhoo when there's no will to enforce immigration rules at the nation level.

We don't want to rain on anybody's parade . . . We enjoy fiery campaign speeches just as much as anybody else . . . 

Hope for plebs to rise up against billionaires is a great distraction from the exceptionally cruel rise of the American oligarchy that doesn't just run the D.C. uni-party but pretty much controls the fate of the world for the moment.

And all of this inspires our www.TonysKansasCity.com playlist tonight . . .

Train In Vain is our 2nd favorite song from The Clash and the 1979 hit speaks to a simpler time when the Brits openly disrespected their Royal betters.

Most of us know Carly Simon's "You're So Vain" as a 1972 anthem . . . Even though TKC wasn't born when the song was released, we still tell people that we authored this tune . . . And that it was autobiographical.

Updated to include a Taylor Swift sing-along . . .

Just to mix things up we share this sleazy fave . . . 'Nasty Girl' was written by Prince. He gave the song to his protégé girl group Vanity 6 and leadsinger Vanity.

If any readers were unlucky enough to know TKC in 1993 . . . Then there's a good chance that this future municipal blogger shared his affinity for German house music that was the only viable dance alternative against Top 40 turning everyone's brain into tapioca by playing "I Will Always Love You" every hour on the hour. From that era "Mr. Vain" stands out as fun Gen X garbage that provided a soundtrack for that glorious, fleeting time in local history before underground Midwestern "raves" in dangerous warehouses turned into just another marketing stunt from some lawyer trying to sell condos.

Finally, we bring it down for the late night . . . Love In Vain isn't one of the best from The Rolling Stones but serves to boost the band's bona-fides given that the classic tune traces its roots back to 1939 and old school guitar player Robert Johnson's alleged deal with the devil that gave birth to Rock & Roll.

As always, thanks for reading this week and have a safe & fun Saturday night