Kansas City Pet Project Fights For Pupper Life

Given MILLIONS worth of taxpayer subsidy for this ground that NEVER kept tax promises. We'll count this as a humanitarian victory . . . Check-it:

"Tori Fugate, chief communications officer for KC Pet Project, told Newsweek that Horton was barely breathing when found in 12-degree weather. He did not have a temperature when they brought him in since the thermometer could not get a read on him. He had no eye movement either, just a heartbeat.

"The January 25 TikTok video, which was shared to the account @kcpetproject, showed the vet clinic team jumping into action to get Horton back. They used heated blankets and hairdryers to warm him up as well as booties on Horton's paws."

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Rescuer's fight to save frozen dog abandoned in house over winter

The dog was found in 12-degree weather in Kansas City.