Kansas City Offers Cost Of Living Refuge: Fact Or Fiction?!?

The booming economy under the leadership of Prez Biden is a constant refrain voters have endured for months leading into campaign season. 

Now mainstream news sings the chorus this week: 

CNBC: The U.S. economy grew at blistering 3.3% pace in Q4 while inflation pulled back

We don't dispute the numbers . . .

But for those of us on the low end . . . They really don't matter.

A quick look KCMO doesn't offer much confirmation of an economic boom in the aftermath of a historic year for homicides and continued fighting over low-income housing and hobos stinking up the bus. 

Still . . . 

We'll also stipulate that KCMO is much cheaper than other places.

Meanwhile . . . Rampant emigration from California doesn't always go so smoothly.

Also . . . New York sees largest population decline of 50 states in 2023: census

Subtitle for this post: 


On the topic of the Left Coast . . . Internets is littered with stories of culture shock and threats of Californians attempting to turn their new homes into places just as dysfunctional as the cities they abandoned. 

Still . . . 

KC is known as a friendly & welcoming place . . . At least to start out. 

And a recent report shows us that this cowtown MIGHT enjoy yet another influx of economic American refugees who will brave the MUCH SLOWER PACE in order to save money . . . Check-it:

It is half as expensive to live in Kansas City.

In New York, I paid $2,100 for a small one-bedroom apartment in Astoria. Another time, I paid $1,000 for a railroad apartment — but my bedroom was the living room. I paid $2,300 for a one-bedroom in Long Island City. In Los Angeles, I paid $1,100 for one room in a three-bedroom in the Van Nuys neighborhood.

Right now, in Kansas City, I pay $900 for a two-bedroom apartment. I have parking, a whole basement, a front patio, a back porch, and an in-unit washer and dryer. And I'm in a great neighborhood. It's called Columbus Park, and I'm right next to the river and 10 minutes from downtown.

As always . . .

Let's not underestimate hidden costs . . . 

Right now the bargain on rent in this neighborhood near downtown might not be worth it if/when a "low-barrier" homeless shelter is built thanks to the efforts of Mayor Q . . . Thereby creating a little bit of sketchy "progressive" housing policy right here in Kansas City.

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

I'm a millennial who moved from New York to Kansas City. I don't have to work 5 jobs, and I pay less rent for a bigger apartment.

Jackie Nguyen, 35, finds her money goes farther thanks to the Midwest's lower cost of living, plus she's relishing the slower pace.