Kansas City #MeToo Tattoo Protest Erupts After West Bottoms Outcry

Hipster coverage has its perils . . . 

Recent news from KCUR seems tawdry at first glance but then we realize that it's really a grudge match betwixt ink'd up ADULTS in a dispute wherein there's no allegation of any legal wrongdoing but merely dating life drama that might or might not be newsworthy . . . Apparently, the local "public" radio believes so . . . 


"Nine of the 12 people working at Timewalker left the studio. They say the owner and a tattoo artist himself, is currently involved in an inappropriate relationship with an employee he directly manages.

"That employee, at 18 years old, is also 20 years his junior. He and the employee are two of the only three remaining people working at the studio."

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Almost all tattoo artists at Kansas City's Timewalker quit in protest over owner's behavior

The majority of artists at the West Bottoms studio quit this week after finding out about a relationship between the owner and his much younger subordinate. The artists hope their walkout changes the Kansas City tattoo scene for the better.