Mayor Q Advocates Conflict Resolution After Crown Center Mass Shooting

After spending most of this week on a junket to the nation's capital . . . Mayor Q is back in town and addressing ongoing violence that dominated headlines over the past few days.

Accordingly . . .

Here's his not-so-hot take on local violence prevention as shopping mall shootings trend across the metro:

"Well, look, there are some realities to gun violence prevention that I think here, in Kansas City, can give us some level of hope. Last year, shootings were actually down in Kansas City; while homicides were up, shootings are down. So we're seeing a negative and downward trend there, which is good for us. But, we've seen in many other American cities homicides drop tremendously. A lot of that relates to the work that federal agencies are doing with local governments. The vice president and I were able to talk about a few different, and I think, very important things: One, how do we make sure we're advocating to get guns out of the hands of our young people? How are we making sure we're teaching conflict resolution to more of our young people so you're not having fights with teenagers spill over into shootings, whether it be at Oak Park Mall, Independence Center or Crown Center, or anywhere in our city, frankly."

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Kansas City, Missouri, Mayor Quinton Lucas addresses Crown Center mass shooting

On Saturday, Jan. 20, Kansas City, Missouri, Mayor Quinton Lucas addressed the mass shooting that occurred at Crown Center on Wednesday, Jan. 17.