Kansas City Love, Tribute, Legacy & Family

Lots to consider in this post as we share some of the notes we've been reading on regarding local legacies, neighborhoods, nice people and family friendly reporting.

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'Mother Teresa of Kansas City': Remembering Sister Berta Sailer, the co-founder of Operation Breakthrough

A woman dubbed the "Mother Teresa of Kansas City" has died at the age of 87.

Kansas City business uses Chiefs Championship cookies to bring people together

Best Regards Bakery & Cafe always has Chiefs cookies on deck, but during the playoffs, they bring out their best ideas yet.

Overland Park became the latest JoCo city to allow residents to keep backyard chickens.

Overland Park became the latest JoCo city to embrace a popular movement and allow residents to keep backyard chickens.

Kansas City mom saw home as path to a better life; it gave her sons lead poisoning instead

When Heather Ross moved into a rental home in the Blue Hills neighborhood in October 2020 to escape domestic violence, she described it as the moment she thought she found her freedom.

Brittany Mahomes: Son Bronze's 'severe allergic reaction' that led to ER visit was 'one of the scariest experiences of my life'

The Kansas City Current co-owner revealed in August that she had to rush the 1-year-old to the ER after learning he is "highly highly allergic to peanuts."

Kansas City has plenty of kid-friendly restaurants and bars to enjoy with the whole family

Going out with little ones doesn't have to mean sacrificing a delicious meal or cool atmosphere. These Kansas City-area coffee shops, restaurants and breweries offer comfortable spaces for parents and caregivers to enjoy their time out of the house with the wiggly bunch.

Travis Kelce's donation to Operation Breakthrough keeps co-founder's legacy alive

Travis Kelce partnered with breakfast company Kodiak to donate 25,000 meals to children in Kansas City at Operation Breakthrough.