Kansas City Life Lessons From Shattered Helmet Of Patrick Mahomes

Already social media pundits are attempting to garner shared glory whilst the pro-football hype machine seizes upon the novelty of broken helmets amid sub zero weather. 

From our perspective . . .

Patrick Mahomes willingness to sacrifice his body & gear for victory is not only a career highlight and flash in time that will follow him into the Hall Of Fame but a teachable moment for anyone curious about how leaders can inspire by way of example rather than words.

Again . . .

When it comes to our little corner of the world on a much smaller scale we find similarity by way of people who grind all day or night AND even from politicos who show up and meet with an often hostile public. 

Similarly . . .

So many local elected leaders lack this kind of courage and mistakenly believe that "leadership" is a rhetorical game, a popular social media accounts devoid of much criticism or well-timed public events.

Last night Patrick Mahomes proved why he is the best quarterback in the NFL when he didn't have to and that's an essential component of his greatness and leadership in way more meaningful than oratory. 

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On 2nd & goal, Mahomes scrambled for 13 yards before he was tackled by Dolphins safety Deshon Elliot. Their helmets collided which sent a piece of Mahomes' helmet flying onto the field.

"I was trying to get in there," Mahomes said. "I was trying to get in that end zone. Young Pat would've got in. I'm getting a little old."

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