Kansas City, Kansas Archbishop Mythbusts Catholic Blessing LGBT Marriage

We've been waiting for this note and Sunday is good time to share it . . . 

For those who don't know Kansas City, Kansas Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann is one of the most outspoken local Catholic leaders and his views are traditionally conservative on social and cultural issues. 

He's a bit more lenient on the Mexicans immigration. 

In his recent column featured in The Leaven Catholic newsletter . . . The local cleric takes a great deal of time and offers EXTREMELY DETAILED perspective on Church views of sex, gay marriage and the Catholic liturgy. 

Most of the opinions are kinda cringe-y and his activist opponents might even call them homophobic. 

TKC isn't in the biz of telling people what to believe, how to feel or where to get breakfast.

There is no morality in politics and that's why it's fun . . . Look closely and you'll notice Republican alliances with some members of the gay community. 

Denizens of the discourse can consider themselves rubes if they call themselves "conservative" but haven't take at least a moment to acknowledge the advocacy and work of right-wing gay author Andrew Sullivan and his thoughtful contributions over years and decades.  

Meanwhile . . . 

The reality is that Archbishop Naumann was one of the architects of an EPIC Kansas political defeat on abortion that set Republicans back across the nation. 

And all this is merely to provide context and delineate the very important differences betwixt religion and politics for people tempted to sloppily intertwine the two very distinct practices.

Accordingly . . .

Here's the crux of the archbishop's note that offers DEFINITIVE perspective on EXACTLY what Catholics are required to believe if they want to adhere to the tenants of their faith . . . 

In public at least. 

Check-it . . 

"The Jan. 4 press release makes clear that the changes the document promotes do not alter the church’s moral teaching, but rather seek to expand the understanding of a blessing. It suggests that we call the prayers for individuals seeking God’s assistance in changing their lives to be pastoral blessings and not liturgical blessings."

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