Kansas City Ice: Beverages, Campaign 2024 & Fighting Intensifies

As the local frost lingers, right now fashion diva Kim inspires our peek at pop culture, community news and top headlines.

Check TKC news gathering . . .

Tasty Cowtown Team Up

Enjoy this KC coffee shop "cultural collaboration" before it's gone

Café Ollama and Café Cà Phê are blending their Latin and Asian cultures in an exclusive drink menu available through the month of January.

Buying The Farm

More Midwest states are moving to block foreign ownership of farmland in 2024

At least 21 states are considering legislation to block foreign companies and individuals from purchasing farmland. The issue has gained momentum in recent years.

Weekend Aftermath

Elderly man dies in Kansas City house fire

One man has died after a house fire in Blue Summit, Missouri, on Sunday morning.

Agenda Setting

Nick's Picks | Chiefs, Stadium Vote and Warmer Weather

News in Kansas City this week will be dominated by the Kansas City Chiefs playoff push, the stadium tax in Jackson County and better weather.

Pop Diva Drink Debuts

'SwifTEA': KC's Tea Market offering Chiefs, Taylor Swift themed brews

Area businesses that have always been on the Chiefs bandwagon are starting to cater to the Swifties as well.

Celeb Backup Offered

Kim Kardashian Is Officially a Balenciaga Brand Ambassador

Kim Kardashian Is Officially a Balenciaga Brand Ambassador: "For me, this long-standing relationship is built on mutual trust and a commitment to doing what's right," she said.

Culture War Campaigning

Biden leans into abortion, contraception as 2024 campaign strategy takes shape

It's part of the effort to frame the race as a choice between Democrats who'll protect abortion and contraception and Republicans who've called for more restrictions.

MAGA Insults Debated

Trump is turning to racism to mock Nikki Haley's Indian name. Experts say it could backfire.

Donald Trump called Nikki Haley a racist name on Friday, par for the course for someone who turns to name-calling for his political foes.

TV Star Shares Stage

Judge Judy Talks About Her Nikki Haley Endorsement, Donald Trump's Courtroom Antics And Her Fears Of A 2020 Rematch

As Donald Trump was about to step on stage on Sunday for another rally to tout the endorsement of another former rival, Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley was about 30 miles south in New Hampshire, at a ral...

Election Turns Strange

Biden's name won't appear on New Hampshire ballots - where does that leave Democrats?

The president's absence opens a window for Dean Phillips and Marianne Williamson to mount longshot presidential bids

Mouse House Finishes Ahead

Ron DeSantis' campaign was over when he decided to have a popularity contest against Mickey Mouse

Gov. DeSantis' crusade against one of the most prominent companies in the world set him apart from the rest of the GOP field - and not in a good way.

Political Diversity Denied

Hispanic Caucus snub raises questions about border-Ukraine deal

The glaring absence of Hispanic or immigrant representation in the bipartisan Senate border policy negotiations has gone largely overlooked, despite repeated appeals to diversify the voices at the table. The ongoing snub of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) puts in question whether the group's political clout has grown on par with its numbers.

Fight Over Life Cont'd

'They hate God': US anti-abortion activists aim to fight back on 51st Roe anniversary

As Biden unveils blitz of events to mark 1973 ruling, conservatives try to stage comeback after string of ballot failures

Inconvenient End Game

Texas convenience store worker shot and killed over bag of chips by alleged shoplifters

"No one ever anticipates just going to work that day and not coming home," Humble Assistant Police Chief Dan Zientek told reporters at the scene.

Holy Land Hot Mess Worsens

Israeli tanks cut off two hospitals in new storming of Gaza's Khan Younis

Israeli tanks storming southern Gaza's main city reached the gates of two hospitals on Monday, cutting residents off from trauma care as the bloodiest fighting of the new year tore through areas sheltering hundreds of thousands of displaced.

European War Returns To Bad Old Days

Rats and mice swarm trenches in Ukraine in grisly echo of World War I | CNN

The frontlines of Russia's war in Ukraine have become infested with rats and mice, reportedly spreading disease that causes soldiers to vomit and bleed from their eyes, crippling combat capability and recreating the grisly conditions that plagued troops in the trench warfare of World War I.

Cash Crunch Across Globe

Chinese stocks are having their worst start to a year since 2016 | CNN Business

Chinese stocks have had their worst start to a year since the country's financial market crash of eight years ago. It comes as Beijing dashed hopes earlier this week that it might intervene to support the country's struggling economy.

American Consumerism Climax

In a Stanley cup daze? Woman wheels $2,500 in cups out of store without paying, police say

Stanley cup mania landed one Sacramento woman in handcuffs last week after she wheeled a shopping cart full of the reusable water bottles out of a store without paying, authorities said.

Taste Of Victory

Love on a bun: Travis and Taylor inspire local sandwich shop

Travis and Taylor-themed sandwiches at new sandwich spot in Crossroads.

Midday Serving . . . 

Kansas City Restaurant Week: The Ship

Chef Joey DiSanto drops by the My KC Live studio to show off one of the delicious items on their menu for Restaurant Week!

Cowtown Ice Rink Right Now

Joe's Blog: Ice Ice baby (MON-1/22)

Some areas of freezing rain are possible, especially northwest of Kansas City. Pavement temperatures will be critical for local road impact

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