Kansas City Heavy Construction Overhaul Hits Overly Optimistic Waldo

Local biz has high hopes for an array of upcoming projects . . . 

In the meantime, it all sounds pretty miserable and provides yet another reason to remain cautious when visiting Kansas City's ugliest street . . . The hellscape known as Wornall which only serves to check local street cred in regards to pronunciation and willingness to visit after dark.

Check the deets:

"The initial part of this project will remove the north parking lot (the one in front of The Well), and involves excavating the site, digging 12 feet below ground to replace some infrastructure and rebuilding the parking lot. The next step will be the south parking lot (in front of Waldo Pizza) undergoing a similar process; however the street (Broadway) along these storefronts will be eliminated. Plans are for these two lots to be finished by June. Reconstructing Wornall Road from 75th to 79th, plus some of the additional streets around this area, are planned for 2025. 

"Although this project will take years, bringing detours and major inconveniences to residents, traffic and the much used vendors in the area–it should be worth it!"

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

75th and Wornall Street Improvements Have Begun

Starting off with two declarations: 1) You'll be avoiding the intersection of 75th and Wornall by car for the next several months and 2) PLEASE continue to support the merchants in that area, even if it's less convenient!! This project has been in the works for several years and it's finally happening. The "75th and Wornall...